For nine years (2006-2015), I was a regular contributor to – a website covering professional football in East Anglia. 

My column on Norwich City was shortlisted for an award a couple of times – look, here’s a logo the organisers sent me to use:

Click on the links below to have a read of the later columns; the ones written before the summer of 2012 are available in the compilation work Yellow Lines (see Books page).

April 2015               Divine interaction

March 2015            Worrying times (all the time)

February 2015        More than a club?  

January 2015          Meet the new boss…

December 2014      We’ll meet again – if we both follow football 

November 2014     Double trouble 

October 2014         The twelfth man: twaddle? 

September 2014    Ch-ch-changes… 

August 2014           No looking back, boys

May 2014                Uncomfortably numb  

April 2014               Out of the mouths of babes…

March 2014             The value of deposits in the memory bank

February 2014         U2 can express a view on City

January 2014           A (Canary) nation of waiters 

December 2013      Honesty: a rare policy

November 2013      We are not alone

October 2013          Defenders v Attackers

September 2013    Reflections on the reflective nature of football  

August 2013            Norfolk expects…

May 2013                 Stress levels: normal

March 2013             The indoctrination game

February 2013         The big questions of life

January 2013           Not retro, just old

December 2012      Just have a little patience…

November 2012      Ugliness – a sign of greatness

October 2012          The dangers of having role models

September 2012    ‘Don’t chuck that out, it might come in handy one day’

August 2012             After the Games, back to the game…