Yellow Lines: The Norwich City Columns 2006 – 2012

A compilation of columns written for the MyFootballWriter website, following the dramatically changing fortunes of Norwich City over a six-year period.

Available in paperback and as an ebook from Amazon.

(RRP £9.99 paperback, £2.99 ebook) 

Bald: From Hairless Heroes to Comic Combovers

“It’s a delight: painstakingly researched, cleverly constructed and written in an engagingly deadpan style.”

– John Preston, Sunday Telegraph

“often fascinating and humorous”  –  Alain de Botton, Mail on Sunday

“…it’s amusing, and it’s dead on target”  –  Jonathan Yardley, Washington Post

Again, available from Amazon.  And versions are also available in these countries:

Norfolk ‘n’ Good: A Supporter’s View of Norwich City’s Best-Ever Season

“Consistently amusing” – The Independent 

“Fascinating”  –  John Inverdale, Radio Five Live

Now out of print, though you may be able to find a copy via AmazonBookfinder or even eBay.

Probably not in Italy, Finland or the States, though.

The Second Coming: A Supporter’s View of the New Era at Norwich City

The follow-up to Norfolk ‘n’ Good.

Also out of print now, though again you may find it on AmazonBookfinder or eBay.

This Supporting Life: How to be a Real Football Fan

Still available via Amazon and Bookfinder – though if you’re interested, you’d do better to go for…

This Supporting Life: How to be a Real Football Fan

The revised and expanded version of the book.  A much better option, even though the cover is blue and white rather than yellow and green.

Available from Amazon and Bookfinder.