I need a drink…

I’ve mentioned in a previous post (18 October 2016) the brand endline which I consider to be the worst ever.

To save you searching through the blog archive to find it, it’s this one for Stella Artois: 

The fact that Stella once had a brilliant endline which gave rise to some fantastic creative work (‘Reassuringly expensive’) probably makes it seem even worse than it is… but it’s still incredibly bad.

My advice to whoever wrote it: Be Literacy.

Curiously though, other alcoholic beverages seem to be trying to match Stella for awfulness.

Here’s the new line for Aperol Spritz:

I discussed this with some of my old copywriting chums.

Together we woed.

On holiday in France a few weeks ago, I saw this poster for Gibson’s Gin.

It seems that bad taglines for alcoholic drinks are now such a ‘thing’ that Aviation American Gin hired Ryan Reynolds to deliver an ad packed with them: 

A thought has just occurred, though.  Are all these bad lines actually delivering a clever subliminal message?

Advertising rules say that you can’t talk about how alcohol will get you drunk.  But if you have an endline that makes so little sense that it couldn’t possibly have been written or approved by anyone sober…